Joe was born and raised in South Philadelphia when it was the heart of Philly’s Little Italy. Now the area is a thriving mix of Italians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Mexicans and lots of others. It’s exciting to watch the changes unfold in the old neighborhood. In the past several years there’s been an influx of gay men and lesbians to the East Passyunk area which has really led to a revitalization of that part of South Philly.

He studied at universities in Philadelphia, New York, Florence, and Prague and has lived on and off in Montreal as well as Philadelphia. Currently he lives in what is affectionately known as the gayborhood (officially called Midtown Village by the city).

He’s been a history teacher, a librarian, and currently works as an adjunct professor for a local university but he’s always been a writer.

He loves living in the city because it has almost everything a person needs within a short walk. Shops, bars, clubs, entertainment, and people. Lots of people. City life is great but not for the faint of heart.

Single now, he was in a long term relationship for a number of years until his partner passed away some years ago.

His closest friend and a circle of other friends make his life fulfilling. There’s always room for more friends and maybe more.

At the moment he’s without a pet though he’s had dogs, cats, birds, fish, and even dwarf hamsters (don’t ask).