Joe’s Philly

Philadelphia — Flaws and All

Philly has a lot to offer but it also has areas in need of improvement. Below are some lists which you may find interesting.

You can either scroll through to see them all or click the links in the List of Lists.

List of lists

Ten Things You’ll Love About Philly

  1. Walkability
  2. Great eateries
  3. a comfortable gayborhood
  4. the Art Museum
  5. good transportation
  6. the Reading Market
  7. Chinatown
  8. The Library Company
  9. Fairmount Park
  10. cafes

Philly’s Gay Bars (in no particular order)

Some Things I Hate About Philly

  1. Bicyclists who refuse to obey traffic laws (uh, that’s just about all of ’em)
  2. Bicyclists who ride on sidewalks (that’s a $300 fine!)
  3. The city’s failure to enforce bicycle laws (because the city government is spending so much time bending over backward to see to it that bicycles own the streets)
  4. People who use the sidewalk as their personal trash can, thus cementing the image of this city as Philthy-delphia when it shouldn’t be
  5. Slow strollers on busy sidewalks –Wanna stroll? Go to the river walks, the parkway, or Fairmount Park. The business district is for walking briskly and getting from one place to another efficiently
  6. Schools in the downtown area whose students make trouble — this is scary for tourists, folks. Residents don’t even like it. Clean up your act or find another location
  7. Businesses who don’t clean their sidewalks — our only financial hope is tourists. Show ’em you love ’em. Clean up your act!
  8. voters who keep sending the same do nothings to do nothing
  9. politicians who can’t see beyond the tip of their nose
  10. taxes — wage tax, property tax, center city district tax, sales tax, business tax, home alarm tax, and the list goes on
  11. the CORRUPTION — this city swills it, plays like a pig in a mudpie in the corrupt urban fields, and worse, doesnt mind at all

Some things the city has failed to do

  • develop the riverfront — a huge, gorgeous piece of property is sitting there, waiting for a visionary to develop it into something beautiful and wonderful
  • create an easy way to access that waterfront once it’s developed properly
  • do something with the abandoned buildings — IN THE DOWNTOWN!  This makes us look like — horrors! — Detroit!  Get something built, refurbish, renew. Do SOMETHING!

Philly Cafes You Shouldn’t Miss

The cafe scene in the gayborhood has seen better days. Once — not that long ago — there were a number of cafes dotting the landscape, giving denizens of the gayborhood a place to chat, read, work, or just be alone with their thoughts. Not any longer. Now, former cafes haunt their old locations as empty shells or impractical endeavors.

  • Toast — havent’ been in for a while. Service was spotty, cleanliness was even spottier, and it just wasn’t apealing as it got handed off from new owner to new owner. It may have settled down hnow and I may try it and see what it’s like.
  • Cafe 12  Closed and looking for a tenant.
  • Miel — not in the gayborhod exactly but near to Stir and holding its own with great fare.
  • Le Pain Quotidien (on Walnut btw Broad & 15th) — also not in the gayborhood but when it’s not busy it’s a lace to go. Not as comfy and cozy as a neighborhood cafe but it’s okay.
  • Cosi — Gayborhood branch CLOSED as well as the 15th and Locust branch — I’m surprised that the 15th and Locust branch has cloed. it was always busy and off times were pleasant. The gaybirhood branch at 12th and Walnut is less of a surprise. Manafgement was a foreign concept at that place as wes cleanliness. The people behind the counter were usually more interested in each other than in customers. If there was a manager, he/she was nowhere to be seen or hear.
  • Good Karma Cafe — still there but a little out of the boundaries of the gayborhood.
  • The Last Drop — a little closer than Good Karma Cafe and a good go to place.
  • La Colombe — the one on 19th and Chestnut has undergone an overhaul and is quite nice.
  • Saxby’s at 11th and Locust has the WORST seating. Not only is there too little of it, but it’s uncomfortable and cheap. Haven’t the owners heard of the cafe concept?
  • DiBruno Brothers — way out of the gayborhood (both center city branches) but worth the trek, though not the sit and read/think/work kind of place that a cafe should be.

Philly Eateries You Need to Visit

  • More Than Just Ice Cream
  • Red Kings 2
  • Mixto
  • Marathon Grill
  • The Continental
  • Dandelion
  • Parc
  • Devon
  • E Mei
  • Cuba Libre
  • Bistro Romano

Things Philly Needs More Of

  • Gay bars
  • Lesbian Bars
  • Sidewalk cafes
  • Exterior lighting on more of the spectacular architecture there is
  • leaders with vision (No one should hold their breath on this one)
  • trees